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Bold Can. Smooth Taste. Proud Choice. Pash.

Zero alcohol. Full flavour.

Pash doesn’t compromise on anything. 
Health, style, values and authenticity- we are 
unapologetically alcohol free with full flavour.

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Bold choice.

We’re passionate about making a choice. With zero alc, you make a choice for your mind. With low cal, you make a choice for your body. And with Pash, you make a choice for your taste buds.

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What’s our Pash?

Pash is bringing confidence to the non-alcoholic movement. Find out how and why.

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What’s your pash?

Pash is here to empower everyone to be themselves by never compromising on their health, values, and authenticity.


Pash and tell 😚

Love this beer! Great taste and very refreshing.

Amelia A.


Well done Pash... you have a winner...I like the flavour and the refreshing crisp quality.

Mary U.


For health reasons, had to quit alcohol, but I still craved the taste. Found this and wow, i've never looked back.

Joshua A.


A favourite of the designated driver! Looking forward to these at summer BBQ’s!

Sally S.


Super drinkable crisp brew in a great looking tin! My new fave non-alc!

John D.


Good local ale. Perfect on a hot day. The taste is great, you wouldn’t know it was a/f.

Cameron H.